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An amazing sandbox games that allows users to renact and simulate epic war battles

An amazing sandbox games that allows users to renact and simulate epic war battles

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Program license: Paid

Program by: Brilliant Games Studios

Version: 1.0

Works under: Windows

Also available for Android


Program license

(132 votes)


Program by


Brilliant Games Studios


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Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator isn't a game so much as a sandbox you can use to replicate any number of fantastical battles. It's an impressive piece of technology, but the amount of mileage you'll get out of it will depend on the strength of your machine and how riveting you find the appeal of simulated battles with little to no player input. Hypothetical battles have long been a subject of appeal, but Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator takes it to the furthest extreme. This isn't a game that just asks who would win in a fight between Roman soldiers and vikings. It creates an environment where you can simulate practically any battle you can imagine. Whether you're looking to see a tyrannosaurus rex duke it out with a hundred chickens or pit an army of Santa Clauses against a horde of zombies, you can create the experience here. Naturally, Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator shouldn't be seen as a scientifically accurate approach to the subject matter, but it can make for a delightfully fun diversion.

The scale of this tool kit is absolutely massive in theory, but the limitations of your computer's hardware are sure to be the main point of limitation. Tens of thousands of creatures can be rendered on a screen at a time, and while that's an impressive accomplishment, any but the most high end and cutting edge computers are likely to experience heavy lag and potential shutdown. The interface isn't especially intuitive, but it does allow for a vast number of options. You have a huge selection of units to choose from, and you can mix and match them into complex assortments of blended armies. A small assortment of maps are available, and once you've determined your army, you can see them battle it out to the death. Fundamentally, that's the main appeal here. It's fun in short bursts but unlikely to hold the attention of most audiences for an extended period of time.

To the developer's effort, they have tried to implement some small degree of player agency here. You can control any of the units in the midst of the melee. While that's a neat little option, the gameplay here isn't anything to write home about, and even the process of possessing a body is difficult and unwieldy. There's no map to help you get your bearings in the midst of the fights, and the huge number of creatures available results in interchangeable attack animations with little in the way of real variety. Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator feels like a joke brought to life, and while the developers have invested in playing that joke out to its fullest, its thin feature set and buggy interface doesn't justify its existence as a final product.


  • Tons of different units to choose from
  • Capable of truly massive battles if your computer is powerful enough to support them


  • Severely lacking in features and a sense of player agency
  • Absolutely riddled with bugs